How to Create Unique Signage Design For Your Real Estate Business

If you are a realtor, you should use real estate signage in your office and on your home’s exterior. These signs can be as simple as phone numbers, addresses, pictures of the house, and information on the agent selling the home. 

In addition, they can include the details of the home itself, including information about the agent’s qualifications. However, you should note that not all signage companies are the same, and choosing a reputable signage partner is essential for getting the best results. One of the best business signs Brisbane companies is Signs Etc. Their outdoor sign makers can create any style of sign for your business.

Real estate signs come in different sizes and materials. They are usually made of aluminium and corrugated plastic. Riders come in sizes six inches wide by eighteen inches long. Other popular options include feather flags, window graphics, and banners. 

real estate sign

Each of these options has its unique pros and cons, but they all have one thing in common: they are easy to transport, have high visibility, and are effective for displaying information about homes for sale.

Creating Good Signage

Real estate signage should include a call-to-action. A call to action will prompt the recipient to take action. Choose the side of the property with the most traffic to maximize exposure. To get more attention in a gated community, you may need more than one sign. 

In addition, don’t forget to put your contact information on the signs. This can make them more likely to make a purchase. A real estate agent should ensure their signage is easily accessible and visible.

As real estate is an expensive investment, you need to attract prospective tenants to reap the rewards. It is crucial to ensure that real estate signage is not just an ad but a memorable experience for passersby. 

The most influential real estate signage companies consider many factors, such as the ease of reading and the overall design of the signage. Aside from aesthetics, real estate signage can be tailored to fit a realtor’s aesthetics and budget.

Colour choice is important, too. Your real estate sign should not be too loud or too subtle. It should be attractive enough to attract the audience’s attention while still being legible sufficient to be read by the audience. 

A well-chosen colour can make your real estate sign more engaging and appealing. You can also choose contrasting colours to catch the audience’s attention. You may want to select a character with a bright and vibrant colour to attract attention.

real estate sign

Real estate signage should feature your company’s logo. A company logo is one of the most valuable tools in creating brand awareness. It should feature your logo on a sign or in a brochure. Professional logos are imperative to making your potential clients remember your business and purchase your property. If your logo is well-designed and reproduced on the real estate signage, it will help you close more sales.


The type of real estate signage you choose should be appropriate for the weather conditions in your area. Generally, real estate signs are rectangular, but you can find signs in other shapes, such as circles and squares. Using scroll brackets on your real estate signage will add to its visual appeal. However, if you want a unique sign, you may want to consider investing in a custom one. Just consider the costs and benefits of customizing your real estate signage.

While you may have already tried other methods to promote your business, real estate signs are still essential to your marketing strategy. Real estate signage is a tried-and-true means of reaching potential customers. You can use these signs to share your contact information and highlight features and amenities of your house. So, if you are a real estate agent, don’t overlook the power of real estate signs. They will help you build your brand and drive sales.

Real estate signs can increase conversion rates by up to 7%. The NAR reports that & the % of people who saw real estate signs in person bought property based on their initial impression. Real estate signs can also build a business brand and give your audience vital information about your business. Using these signs, you can effectively create a dominant presence in the market. So, why not get started today? Consider these tips for making the most out of your real estate signage.

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